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I was tagged awhile back by edwardsminebitches to do a ‘5 facts about me’ thing, but Tumblr and my Droid hate each other… x.x sooo.

1. Final Fantasy IV (better known as 2 for the SNES for those of us born circa 1986 and up. Ask me my year and I will stab you with a spoon. :p) was the first game I beat without the help of my parents.

2. I adore my niece (who’s 3) and my nephew (15 mos.) to hell and back. <3 I love being an aunt. :]

3. Pharmacology rules my life. I aim to become a pharmacist someday. For now, I’m just your average CPhT.

4. I love all kinds of music, and will listen to whatever. Classic Rock? Yes. Metal? Bring it. Country? Of course. Rap? Why not.

5. My favorite movie is Wreck-it Ralph. The Easter eggs in that movie are WAY awesome. :D

As far as tagging… I’ll get to it. :x heh.

One More Thing….

I set my phone to Kefka’s laugh (the FF6 clip) and… uh. Yeah. :D;;;;

I love you, Tumblr. I’ve missed you so much. ;-;


1. Mana Khemia RP is back! Must play Jess again. :3 (or maaaaybe Roxis. He’d be really fun to play as).

2. People are using the ‘anna von muir’ tag instead of me. Even better: people are RPing her. Wow.

3. I feel so… alive. Getting away from that engagement and my now ex is exactly what I needed. Good riddance to all the psychotic shit he put me through.

4. …. meds might have something to do with happiness as well, buuuutttt… :x

Goodness. >_<;

Hi there. :D;;;;;;

Yes, I disappeared for like …. ever. Ha. :/ Learned lessons the hard way, such as being careful who I fall in love with and how hard I fall when said person stabs me in the back.

Yeah, it sucks, but I’m glad that I got out of an engagement instead of a nasty divorce like I did with my first marriage…


Other than my transparent disconnections with reality and alienations with friends, I am fine. I plan on buying a computer tomorrow and fixing my phone for tethering soooooo….. I miiiiight return to RP blogs. »; hm.

Time for bed for now, tho. :D


Hi. :D

Guess who is no longer in a relationship and feels like the weight of the world is off of her shoulders? :D

….. Indeed. :)

I was wrong. I am not marriage material right now and, like a lot of people said, I deserve someone better.

It will work out… :)  Lessons learned, and where would I be if they hadn’t taken place? Hm.


So many things to do, yet, so little time. :|

I pulled an all-nighter, trying to get my websites to not look like something my 1 year old nephew spit up on, and came back with success. :] Well worth not sleeping, but I gotta go to bed early tonight so I can work in the morning. X_x;

Anyhow, check them out! :D Give me feedback, and such.

KOKORO - My main website. I experimented in Photoshop and found something I really like. :D Same with experimenting with HTML codes. Funfun.

Melodic Solace - Its baaaaaaaccccccckkk! :D:D:D:D!!!!!!!! The reopening of my Edward x Anna shrine is something I’m really excited about. Still readding all my media, soooo… Patience plz. :D Not too happy with the layout at the moment. :/ blah.

oh yeah…

For those of you whom like blog crews, I FINALLY started my FFIV one. :D Porom, Palom, Rydia, and Edward are taken thus far. Anyone else (plus NPCs) is up for grabs. :B

And… is amazing. That’s all.

[ My username is flanprincess. Add meh. ]


I find it incredibly odd how many people can’t grasp this simple fact.


y u no update my license?! >_<; I can’t work after Monday if you don’t update your database. :/