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Hi. :D

Life doesn’t suck at the moment… ‘cause I got everything I need. :D

- A sweet, caring fiance.
- The best future stepdaughter EVAR.
- (At that, my future in-laws kick ass as well.)

The only two things that are getting me down would be the fact I can NOT remember my gmail address for my webhosting for shit, and that my new coworker is a douchebag.

No, really. He’s a chavunistic pig that thinks women should be doing all the work. I had 2 “waiters” (a term us pharmacy people use to describe people that are waiting in the store for their prescription) and decided to do production because my boss obviously doesn’t care that the douchebag isn’t putting forth 100% of his weight. :|


Drive-thru comes up, and I’m counting pills:

Boss: (insert-douchebag-coworker’s-name here), can you get drive-thru? (insert-my-name-here) is tied up at production, and…
Douchebag Coworker: …. Uh? Why? Doesn’t production get drive-thru? Besides, I’m filing, and can’t get it right now.
Me: …. (muttering) .. You worthless son of a bitch. ~_~; … (louder) Don’t worry, (insert-boss’-name-here); I’ll get it. Just give me a moment.
Boss: … (grumble) … There goes our scores in the toilet. T_T;;;;;
Me: O_O; Don’t move from Verifying! That’ll make scores worse. (moves to drive-thru)
Douchebag Coworker: (beams a shit-eating grin). :D


Anyone have any ideas on how to cope with a woman-hating douchebag that obviously doesn’t want to work? ~___~; Ugh.


How’s everyone else? :B


I was tagged awhile back by edwardsminebitches to do a ‘5 facts about me’ thing, but Tumblr and my Droid hate each other… x.x sooo.

1. Final Fantasy IV (better known as 2 for the SNES for those of us born circa 1986 and up. Ask me my year and I will stab you with a spoon. :p) was the first game I beat without the help of my parents.

2. I adore my niece (who’s 3) and my nephew (15 mos.) to hell and back. <3 I love being an aunt. :]

3. Pharmacology rules my life. I aim to become a pharmacist someday. For now, I’m just your average CPhT.

4. I love all kinds of music, and will listen to whatever. Classic Rock? Yes. Metal? Bring it. Country? Of course. Rap? Why not.

5. My favorite movie is Wreck-it Ralph. The Easter eggs in that movie are WAY awesome. :D

As far as tagging… I’ll get to it. :x heh.

One More Thing….

I set my phone to Kefka’s laugh (the FF6 clip) and… uh. Yeah. :D;;;;

I love you, Tumblr. I’ve missed you so much. ;-;


1. Mana Khemia RP is back! Must play Jess again. :3 (or maaaaybe Roxis. He’d be really fun to play as).

2. People are using the ‘anna von muir’ tag instead of me. Even better: people are RPing her. Wow.

3. I feel so… alive. Getting away from that engagement and my now ex is exactly what I needed. Good riddance to all the psychotic shit he put me through.

4. …. meds might have something to do with happiness as well, buuuutttt… :x

Goodness. >_<;

Hi there. :D;;;;;;

Yes, I disappeared for like …. ever. Ha. :/ Learned lessons the hard way, such as being careful who I fall in love with and how hard I fall when said person stabs me in the back.

Yeah, it sucks, but I’m glad that I got out of an engagement instead of a nasty divorce like I did with my first marriage…


Other than my transparent disconnections with reality and alienations with friends, I am fine. I plan on buying a computer tomorrow and fixing my phone for tethering soooooo….. I miiiiight return to RP blogs. »; hm.

Time for bed for now, tho. :D


Hi. :D

Guess who is no longer in a relationship and feels like the weight of the world is off of her shoulders? :D

….. Indeed. :)

I was wrong. I am not marriage material right now and, like a lot of people said, I deserve someone better.

It will work out… :)  Lessons learned, and where would I be if they hadn’t taken place? Hm.


So many things to do, yet, so little time. :|

I pulled an all-nighter, trying to get my websites to not look like something my 1 year old nephew spit up on, and came back with success. :] Well worth not sleeping, but I gotta go to bed early tonight so I can work in the morning. X_x;

Anyhow, check them out! :D Give me feedback, and such.

KOKORO - My main website. I experimented in Photoshop and found something I really like. :D Same with experimenting with HTML codes. Funfun.

Melodic Solace - Its baaaaaaaccccccckkk! :D:D:D:D!!!!!!!! The reopening of my Edward x Anna shrine is something I’m really excited about. Still readding all my media, soooo… Patience plz. :D Not too happy with the layout at the moment. :/ blah.

oh yeah…

For those of you whom like blog crews, I FINALLY started my FFIV one. :D Porom, Palom, Rydia, and Edward are taken thus far. Anyone else (plus NPCs) is up for grabs. :B

And… is amazing. That’s all.

[ My username is flanprincess. Add meh. ]


I find it incredibly odd how many people can’t grasp this simple fact.